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Welcome to Kathy's Dog Training

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Kathy Kopellis McLeod and I'm a Dog Behaviour Consultant. I live in Perth Western Australia and have been fortunate enough to be named the Dog Whisperer of Perth on television and various medias

Chances are if you're visiting my website you're a dog lover and if you're like most dog owners you're checking out my website to see what you can learn to improve your relationship with your dog.

Your dog might be behaving badly or maybe you and your dog need training. Either way I plan to have a very informative website where dog lovers like yourself can learn how to be even better dog owners.

As a caring dog owner you would be on the lookout for good ideas or even new ideas that can help make a difference for the better, between you and your dog.

Lucky Owner

I'm the lucky owner of three beautiful Siberian Huskies and their names are Nicky, Bullet and Windy.

I've had Siberian Huskies for over 20 years now and love the breed for their intelligence, beauty and personality.

I wonder whether you're like me and stick with the same breed with each new dog you acquire or whether you have no breed preference and own various breeds whether they're pedigree or cross breeds. It's all good either way!

Dog Behaviour Problems

In my career to date I've worked with hundreds of different breeds with a variety of issues from inappropriate jumping, barking and nipping, teaching come when called to separation anxiety, aggression towards other dogs and or people and other behaviour issues.

Do any of these problems ring a bell with you or perhaps someone you know?

They're common problems and by and large aggression would be the reason I am called out most often for, whether that be dog to dog aggression or dog to people aggression.

How I Can Help You

What I'm going to do for you is put together a really exciting website with a lot of interesting articles and stories that you enjoy reading and benefit from the messages.

You'll have the opportunity to get your hands on some really good quality educational products too and they'll be unique in comparison to what you've seen before. Stay tuned as I'm in the early stages of producing these products, which I'll be really excited to share with you in the coming months.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I really appreciate it, as I know there is a lot of information out there about dog training and behaviour so thanks for taking the time to visit mine.

Remember to download your free dog training report and also register for your FREE 12 months worth of dog training and behaviour tips. The tips are proving to be really popular with dog lovers with some very useful advice amongst them.

Best wishes to you and your dog (or dogs!).

Talk to you again soon!