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Examples of Previous Newsletters:

Tips on Using Rewards for Training


Exchanging food for behaviour is at the heart of understanding training our dogs with positive reinforcement. Food drive and a willingness to work for food is present when anxiety is absent.  Relaxed and happy dogs eat whereas many stressed dogs have supressed appetites.

The quickest and easiest way to fast track teaching exercises and reinforcing good manners is to use really good treats when your dog makes a right choice. Fresh cooked liver, roast beef, chicken, polony, sausages, frankfurts, other delicious fresh meats, cheese etc, are high end food treats. Read more...

Teaching Your Dog Bite Inhibition


Puppies and some older dogs are unaware of the strength of their bite. They do not come hard-wired with the knowledge that biting can cause pain. They need to learn to use their mouths, to interact with us and other dogs without inflicting pain.

Here are some of the tools that can help train your puppy to moderate its bite pressure. Read more...

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