This priceless short booklet is designed to help stimulate thought about the flawed Dominance Theory for dog training which recommends aggression to motivate dogs.
Dominance & Dogs DOs and DON'Ts Booklet
This essential book for new parents reveals the secrets behind successfully introducing your dog to your baby for the first time. A must for all parents who are nervous about introducing their dog to their baby.
How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby
This easy to read book is full of insights into the 'doggy world', teaches you how to talk to your dog, and is jam packed with photos to show you how to read your own dog's body language.
Watch My Manners
Written from the perspective of one of Kathy’s Siberian Huskies, Chilli, this handy, pocket-sized book outlines dozens of handy, dog-friendly hints to combat the difficulties and challenges often experienced in the owner-dog relationship.
105 Great Idea to Having a Well Behaved Dog
This is truly the next best thing to asking Kathy for yourself, and some of the best advice you'll ever hear on enjoying a happy and well behaved dog.
10 Top Tips to a Happier Dog (CD)
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Suitable for extra small dogs such as Jack Russel, Aussie Terrier.
Chilkat® (EXTRA SMALL) Semi-Slip Dog Collar
Suitable for small dogs such as Kelpie, Beagle.
Chilkat® (SMALL) Semi-Slip Dog Collar
Suitable for medium size dogs such as Retriever, Boxer.
Chilkat® (MEDIUM) Semi-Slip Dog Collar
Suitable for large dogs such as Alaskan Malamute, Bull Mastiff.
Chilkat® (LARGE) Semi-Slip Dog Collar
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