Watch My Manners


This book is full of insights into the 'doggy world', teaches you how to talk to your dog, and is jam packed with photos to show you how to read your own dog's body language.


Watch My Manners will help you:

  • Read the subtle signs your dog exhibits prior to their bad behaviour, giving you a chance to do something about it,

  • Gain your dog's respect - the right way,

  • Discover the value of positive reinforcement as opposed to the out-dated dominance theory,

  • Find out how to safely approach dogs (a 'must read' for dog owners and their children), and

  • Understand why sometimes your dog doesn't immediately follow your instructions, and what you can do about it.


And Watch My Manners is written in a way so that what you read and learn today, you can apply today. So don't wait another day to buy a copy for yourself or someone you know it could help!


Size: 14.5cm x 21cm       Pages: 104

Price: $34.45 inc gst and postage Australia wide.


What people have said about this book


   "Watch My Manners is a book I would recommend to any dog owner to read as an educational guide for them to understand their dog’s body language and what our dogs need to learn from us as their teachers and guides.

    "Much credit to Kathy for all her hard work and time that has gone into preparing this beautiful book for us to read. Kathy is so focused and dedicated in helping us to help our dogs. She is the best in her field and her book shows that."

    Johanna Hope

    Nursing Assistant


    "Your book reinforced a lot of the practices I use BUT taught me a lot of other extremely useful ones. As I own boarding kennels I deal with all sorts of problems and different breeds on a daily basis.

    "A book needed on every dog owner’s book shelf.

Thank you!"

    Rosemary Turner

    Boarding Kennel Proprietor


    "An easy to read book packed full of useful information.

Loved all the pictures and diagrams. I have recommended this book and Kathy’s other books to my friends. Loved the book and now reading it for the second time."

    Caron Melvin

    Business Owner


    "I thoroughly recommend Kathy’s book ‘Watch My Manners’ as an easy to understand learning tool for dog owners or anyone who has contact with dogs in their work or recreation. The photos are brilliant back-up examples to the text enabling me to look, study, and learn about dog behaviour and interaction by seeing the whole scenario.

    "This book showed me how our dogs are constantly giving us (through body language) signals and signs as to how they are feeling and likely to act. These signs are not only helpful in the moment but can help to diffuse or avoid any unpleasant interaction between our dogs and other dogs or people.

    "Thanks Kathy for ‘Watch My Manners’. I will refer to and enjoy your book again and again. (It will continue to help me understand and strengthen the bond between my lovely dog Viking and I).

    Margaret Dylan

    Vikings mum!!



    "What an immensely insightful book, detailing the ways in which our “best friends” think and behave. As a dog-lover of many, many years I found the material of enormous interest in ensuring that the messages our most-loved companions convey to us are properly interpreted in order that our responses are adequately tuned to their needs and natural characteristics.

    "It’s the kind of book I would prefer to have on the coffee table for quick reference rather than storing away on a musty shelf where its obvious benefits would certainly be lost."

    Michael Madden 


    "I have always believed my dogs 'talk' to me. After reading 'Watch My Manners' I now understand them so much better.

    "When out for a walk or anywhere else for that matter, I will now be able to alleviate their stress and make our outings so much more enjoyable. What a great book! Thanks."

    Maz Peterssen


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