10 Top Tips to a Happier Dog (Audio CD)

When ABC Radio announcer Geraldine Millet asked Kathy for the best advice for having a great relationship with ones dog so both are happier, Kathy gave her these 10 Top Tips. This is truly the next best thing to asking Kathy for yourself, and contains some of the best advice you’ll ever hear on enjoying a happy and well behaved dog.



1.  Consistency counts

2.  Set your dog up for success

3.  Make your words count

4.  Think dog – read your dog like a book

5.  Set boundaries

6.  Patience please

7.  Reward your dog for doing nothing!

8.  Brain power versus brute force

9.  Treat your dog as an individual

10.  From good dog to super dog


Running Time: Approx 48 minutes


Helping you build a better connection with your dog.