About Kathy

Dubbed Perth’s Dog Whisperer by media outlets across Western Australia. Kathy Kopellis McLeod is a well-respected Dog Behaviour Consultant who has been active in the industry for more than 25 years.

Her expertise is widely sought out to tackle a range of dog behaviour problems. In particular, Kathy has become the ‘go to’ person for owners needing help with anti-social dogs and those with serious behaviour issues.

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Credited with introducing Perth's first classes specifically designed for reactive and/or aggressive dogs (Reactive Rover®), Kathy is often called upon by experienced dog trainers, veterinarians and vet nurses with their own dogs.


Using dog and people-friendly behaviour modification strategies, a great majority of her work comes from vet clinics, vet behaviourists and the referrals of previous and existing clients, meaning her services are in demand across Australia and overseas.

A great dog lover, Kathy proudly shares her life with her cherished Siberian Huskies. She has been a regular competitor in obedience and agility trials with her dogs, having attained high accolades with her Siberian ‘Chilli’. To this day, Chilli remains the highest-titled Siberian Husky in Western Australia and one of the highest in Australia.


“Who ya gonna call” when you’re at your wits end with your dog’s reactive or aggressive behaviour? You do exactly what hundreds of dog owners have done over the years, and continue to do, call Kathy. That’s why Kathy is often referred to as WA’s Most Respected Dog Behaviour Consultant. To find out more, contact her direct.

Workshops & Seminars

Kathy was the first in Perth to run Reactive Rover® classes, an important initiative specifically designed for dog-reactive and/or aggressive dogs. She also runs popular seminars on dog reactivity.

Kathy delivers workshops for dog clubs, veterinary clinics and the general public across the State, and conducts intensive programs specifically for dogs that are anti-social with other dogs.

Guest Speaking

Kathy has been a guest speaker, or MC for:

  • WA Rangers Association Conference

  • RSPCA WA (presenting to inspectors, shelter staff and students)

  • The Dogs’ Day Out in Armadale

  • City of Wanneroo annual Dog’s Breakfast

  • South Metropolitan TAFE (for vet nursing students)

  • City of Stirling Paw-some Day Out

Helping you build a better connection with your dog.



Kathy’s passion for helping dogs and their owners drives her commitment to keeping up with current industry trends, and sees her regularly attend dog behaviour conferences and seminars. Her credentials include:

  • Certificate in Canine Behaviour (Canine Behaviour Specialist Course)

  • Certified status with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, attaining the title of Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

  • Honorary member of the RSPCA Western Australia

  • Honorary member of the Perth Northern Suburbs Training & Obedience Dog Club (Inc.)

  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia and the Canine Association of Western Australia.

Media Expert

Kathy has been interviewed by WA media outlets on a variety of topics and has been featured on or in:

  • 720 ABC Perth radio

  • 98.5 Sonshine FM

  • 882 6PR AM radio

  • 100.1 Curtin FM

  • 720 ABC National radio

  • ABC Stateline (TV)

  • Channel Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’ (TV)

  • ABC’s ‘Can We Help?’ (resident dog expert)

  • A Dog’s Life magazine

  • RSPCA publications

  • The Sunday Times, with her regular column ‘Perth’s Dog Whisperer’.  (You can read many of these on the ARTICLES page.)


Keen to share her expertise and effective techniques with as many dog owners as possible, Kathy has authored three books aimed at helping people live harmoniously with their dogs.

  • How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

  • Watch My Manners

  • 105 Great Ideas To Having A Well Behaved Dog

Giving Back

Kathy believes in giving back to her community and has donated hundreds of copies of her books to charities and veterinary clinics raising funds for various causes. Her popular ‘Dog A Day’ Calendar was also a fundraiser for the RSPCA WA.

Reactive Rover®

Online Program​

This Online Course Reveals My MOST POWERFUL Techniques for Improving Your Dog’s Behaviour in 30 Days or Less!

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With over 25 years of dog behaviour experience, Kathy is highly regarded by the media and is often sought out for her opinion of various dog behaviour issues. She has been invited as a returning guest on Channel 9 news. Her books, CD and her most popular online Reactive Rover course are sought out by dog lovers not only across Australia but around the world.



A first for Perth, Kathy began running Reactive Rover® classes, an important initiative specifically designed for dog-reactive and/or aggressive dogs. She has also run a number of sold-out seminars on dog reactivity. In addition, Kathy has delivered workshops across the State for dog clubs, veterinary clinics, rangers and the general public, and has held intensive programs specifically for dogs that are antisocial with other dogs.

Helping you build a better connection with your dog.