Chilkat® Semi-Slip Dog Collars

If, much to your embarrassment, your dog lunges at other dogs, or slips out of its collar and runs off, you will cherish Kathy’s specially designed, Chilkat® Semi-Slip Collar, which when properly fitted, allows you to control your dog without choking it or hurting it.

This innovative design provides a comfortable fit at rest, but when tension is applied, tightens a limited amount to hold the dog securely, and prevents the collar slipping over your dog’s head putting themselves, other dogs, or people in danger.

Chilkat® Semi-Slip Collars are kind on your dog’s neck and do not rub away the delicate fur on the throat and neck. They are also ideal for double clipping the lead to your dog’s head halter for absolute safety and peace of mind.

Made in AUSTRALIA of top quality, durable nylon webbing, with double polyester stitching and good quality rings and slides, these collars will last many years! In fact, if your Chilkat® Collar breaks through normal use, return it for a HASSLE FREE REPLACEMENT!


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