Watch My Manners

This book is full of insights into the ‘doggy world’, teaches you how to talk to your dog, and is jam packed with photos to show you how to read your own dog’s body language.


Watch My Manners will help you:

  • Read the subtle signs your dog exhibits prior to their bad behaviour, giving you a chance to do something about it,

  • Gain your dog’s respect – the right way,

  • Discover the value of positive reinforcement as opposed to the out-dated dominance theory,

  • Find out how to safely approach dogs (a ‘must read’ for dog owners and their children), and

  • Understand why sometimes your dog doesn’t immediately follow your instructions, and what you can do about it.


And Watch My Manners is written in a way so that what you read and learn today, you can apply today. So don’t wait another day to buy a copy for yourself or someone you know it could help!


Helping you build a better connection with your dog.